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Digital transformation in the medical devices industry

We investigated the impact of digital technology on companies producing medical devices and specified its effect on the communication flow.

  • 90% of the respondents claim that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way new technology and digital communication is perceived

  • 77% of CEOs describe digital transformation as 'challenging but crucial for their companies'

Digital transformation report
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"The medical industry has been evolving extremely fast in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic, paradoxically, is only accelerating this development. Technologies that enable remote care have become more important. Artificial intelligence and big data tools are also used more often."

"Recent times have highlighted the deficits in the health care system and the needs that must be met for the system to run smoothly to benefit patients, doctors, and all medical personnel. Many of these needs are related to the requirements for digital transformation in the medical industry."

"One of the main challenges we faced at Boston Scientific was access to resources and properly defined competency needs. The very definition of the organizational structure and the naming of positions in the area of​​digitization required changing and adapting the methodology of the project and product delivery."


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